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Whether you're a small business or a large corporate company, getting noticed in a highly competitive industry is something everyone wants to achieve, we understand first impressions do matter!


Using highly polished design & creative retouching we pride ourselves on our stunning visual imagery and out-side-the-box thinking to help communicate your voice to stand out from a competitive crowd!

From Logo design to websites, facebook headers, leaflets, posters and banners.

We'll provide all you need to make sure people know about you, but most importantly...want to use you!!

Starting up your own business? 

We can put together a bespoke package so your start up costs stay as low as they can.


Please take a look at some examples of our work below and feel free to contact us any time to discuss your requirements.

Logo Design

A company logo is what represents your business so getting that right is the first step in getting your business the professional feel it deserves!

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Creative Design

Your Business brand is what distinguishes you from your competitors in the eyes of the customer.

That's why at Enhance Design we work with you to enhance your brand to stand out from all your competitors.